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Those of us who went through the Brazilian Blowout debacle were very frustrated, not just because the product wasn’t as safe as the company claimed, but also because the product really really worked. It was a god send to those looking for smoother more manageable hair. So after BB went south we were determined to find an alternative smoothing treatment and we looked far and wide, but seemingly all the products that worked well were using some variation of Brazilian Blowout’s formulation, and soon they too were banned by Health Canada also. Some salons introduced dubious new smoothing treatments that attempted to bond on keratin with different methods – but our spies told us that the smoothing  just didn’t last.  So we waited, and wished. We were delighted earlier this year to at last announce to you that the wait is OVER! Liquid Keratin – which is in fact a Canadian company has had a tamed consumer version of their smoothing treatment for some time, the big news is they’ve now introduced a safe new professional formulation called Liquid Keratin Professional – that gets results. The product has been tested by an independant lab, and using state of the art equipment and procedures has been certified to be free of formaldehyde, and other formaldehyde like chemicals. The results are amazing!

Our Current Ongoing Special is $199*. That’s $150 saved off our regular price of $349. This won’t last forever!

Book now !! 


* This pricing applies to shoulder length hair. Please call us or drop by for a consultation if your hair is longer, we will be happy to work out a special price for you also!

Sorry, this promotion cannot be combined with other promotions.

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