Brazilian Blowout – Health Risk ?



Well it’s best to discover these things early and that is what has happened. On Oct 7th/2010 Health Canada released a warning regarding the Brazilian Blowout process or more specifically the professional solution used in the treatment. It turns out that despite the manufacturers claims that the product was formaldehyde free, Health Canada has tested the product and found it to contain formaldehye. Although formaldehyde is used in a wide range of products including cosmetics,  exposure to high amounts of formaldehyde is considered a potential health risk. If you have had this service yourself  you needn’t worry personally  as the risk is largley to the stylist who performs the treatment. We at  Exquisite are quite disappointed since the process works brilliantly,  and  we held off introducing this service for almost two years while we searched for a manufacturer that produced a safe product.  It should also be mentioned that we are advising our clients to refrain from receiving any of the similar treatments available  since they all use somewhat similar formulations. However we are at the very early stages in this story and Brazilian Blowout is standing by their product and process and is working with Health Canada to resolve the situation. For our members  in the stylist community – Stay Tuned! –  as soon as we can  get clear information regarding the personal health implications you might face as a provider of  hair smoothing services (Brazilian Blowout or  otherwise) we will be publishing it here. As for our salon clients, the health and safety of the services we provide has always been our first priority,  when we reach the point at  which  we are very confident of the safety of the Brazilian Blowout process or a similar process  we be offering it again..

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